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            日期: 2017-04-21 10:04:24  作者: 管理員  瀏覽次數: 2695

            Congratulations to our BoLangTe Valve won the Top 10 Trade Brand title in China's valve industry brand selection activities 2012.This activities was host by China Valve Network(http://www.chinafa.org/), and there are hundreds of brands took part in this selection.

                 This event is a public welfare activities, the purpose is to better promote the development of the industry development, the network ballot, allowing companies to the most intuitive image on the Internet, to accept the majority of Internet users to choose. The activities of the final results will be the comprehensive evaluation of the authority, fairness, justice, openness.

            標題: 浙江博朗特閥門有限公司座落在中國泵閥之鄉
            網站標簽: 通風蝶閥系列 鍛鋼過濾器系列 鍛鋼球閥系列 鍛鋼止回閥系列

            版權所有:浙江博朗特閥門有限公司 | 技術支持:英捷互聯